Finding Your Perfect Well-Being Hub! Feat. Coach2Edify!

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I recently had the pleasure of experiencing one of the most profound whole body workouts of my life! And for once, I can say it didn’t involve a treadmill, weights, or an elliptical machine! Instead I used something called an Inversion Sling! Mayra McCullough creator of Coach2Edify introduced me to this phenomenal yoga swing that any and everyone can use almost anywhere! Mayra herself has created her own oasis for transformational fitness where she has incorporated a perfect holistic balance of Mind, Body, & Spirit also known as her 3D Fitness design. For more information on Coach2Edify, you can visit If interested in the Inversion Sling, Click Here to order. Following your purchase, please connect with Mayra at for support when first using your Inversion Sling!