ActiveAsh ConsultingActiveAsh Wellness Consulting

My private holistic consultancy is something that I have designed specifically for the busy, fast paced individual who needs support that is thorough, convenient, and most importantly EFFECTIVE. My nutrition programs are customized for the individual client, and is REAL FOOD driven. Consultations and meal plans vary, and rest assured there is something for everyone! I work very close with women and children, with services like Fertility Health Plans and Hormone Balance being my strong suit! My Children’s Holistic Health services begin at birth and goes up through a child’s adolescence.


GTHealthFoodLogoActiveAsh & Genesis Today

ActiveAsh and Genesis Today are banding together to accomplish one very important task! Educating our nation on its current health state, and what you need to know to keep yourself, and your loved ones healthy and living long productive lives. Genesis Today is a nutritional supplements company who’s products are made from super foods found all over the world! Genesis Today & ActiveAsh are hosting educational seminars nationwide every month teaching people of all ages and backgrounds how the human body works, and what is needed to keep it working well!


ActiveHealth-WORKActiveHealth at Work:

Creating balance in the work place in no small matter! ActiveHealth works directly with corporations to design and deliver customized wellness programs for its employees. The programs are designed to educate employees about why their health matters, and how it affects them in their day to day life, particularly in the work place. Our holistic approach covers more than just the nutrition piece, both fitness and overall well-being are a huge part to this as well. Our program is fun, easy, and consistently has had a positive response from participants! The services provided are as follows:


  • Program design
  • Wellness Seminars
  • Food demos

ActiveHealth Goals:

  • Decrease in corporate health care expenditures
  • Decrease in employee absenteeism
  • Increase in employee productivity and corporate morale
  • Increase in employee retention